Saturday, December 27, 2008

Crowne Plaza Hotel

I have no idea whether this hotel is a 5-star hotel or 4 -star hotel as it is not important for me.I went to stay at this hotel last month, together with my father and all cost was paid by the government since my father is a government servant.I just spent a night here and I had dinner together with my father, in Kg Baru la.Having dinner in this hotel is quite expensive.It was an unpleasant night staying in this hotel because I realised that I was food poisoned.Toilet was my common destination during that time.The next morning, I had breakfast in the hotel cafe by having fruits only.I couldn't afford to swallow any other foods.I didn't know that we have to avoid from eating fruits when we have stomachache.Maybe you can predict what will happen to me next.Warghh, I'm not going to remember that miserable moment again.

Crown Plaza hotel from Jln Sultan Ismail

A view from the room

Messy room, messed up by my father and me.

Toilet's sliding door that able us to 'skodeng' each other.Hahaha!

Pleasant environment

New Hostel in Kg Baru

Known as KBL (Kg Baru lodge) by most UniKL students, this is not a new hostel.Its an old building, nice from the outside but worst from the inside.The 19 boys from my programs are going to stay there for about 2 weeks before we start our 4 weeks December break.After our holidays, we need to move our belongings to Wisma Aida, which is also a hostel for UniKL students not far from KBL.Don't know what to write.Maybe this pictures will help me tell the story to the readers.Hahaha.
Living in Bangsar was quite fun.Our hostel in Bangsar is a quiet place, situated between KL hockey stadium and Institut Perguruan Bahasa-Bahasa Antarabangsa (IPBA).Just within a walking distance to Universiti Malaya.We got to watch hockey match for free, and even got free hockey balls.The only problem was to get the food.Its hard to get good foods in Bangsar unless you have plenty of money to pay for it.

The last live hockey game I've ever watch in Bangsar.

It was a sudden move from Bangsar to Kg Baru.We got the message from UniKL administration in the morning and we have to move at night on the same day, but we're a little bit calm because we know how UniKL act.If they promise to pick our things at 8 pm, then we have to add an hour to our time,which means, they will come at 9 pm.Hahaha.Most UniKL staffs still practice this bad habits.It is known as 'Janji Melayu' among us.Our prediction was wrong, because they came at 9.30 pm.Hahaha.At that time, we already packed our things waited at the gate.

Some of my classmates in UniKL.

4 vans of this size was used to carry our things.

At 11 pm, we finally arrived in Kg Baru.Although it was late, there were a lot of people there.'Malam masih muda'.This is the advantage of living in Kg Baru.There are lots of restaurants and food stalls which operate
until 2 am in the morning.Its easy for us to get to get good food at a very low price and hygiene is the important thing to be considered when choosing eating places there.Rats are everywhere.Even you may step on them when you walk in Kg Baru at night.Yaks! And every morning, when I walk to UniKL city campus, I'm gonna see 2 or 3 dead rats on the road.Some of them were ran over by car or motorcycle.Its important for us to choose a clean restaurant or food stall, or else you'll be a victim of food poisoning, and I used to be one of them after I ate chicken chop at the HR steakhouse just below my hostel.

Kg Baru Lodge

A new view outside my new hostel.

The KLCC is within the walking distance from KBL.I still have to take Putra LRT from Kg Baru station to KLCC station or else I have to climb the new Ampang-KL elevated highway and swim across a muddy river to get to KLCC.The Masjid Jamek Kg Baru is just 300m from my hostel, making it easy for me to perform solat jamaah and 'azan' Subuh helps me to wake up every morning.Thanks Mr bilal for your voice.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Craziness with KMS friends

Yeaaa...this time, I went out to KL with my friends from KMS.All of them are going to further their studies in Australia soon.YB was our driver, since he was the only one who stays in KL.He drove his dad's CRV.Sometimes, we felt as we were rich because we're on YB' CRV.Its not a cheap SUV.

Mr T, sandwiched by Dumbell and Naim.

This was a short outing.YB and Naim fetched me together with Mr T and Dumbell at KL Sentral air terminal.Without having any idea on where we wanted to go, YB just drove us for a short tour around KL hot spot, I think.Finally, we decided to go to Midvalley megamall since YB will sent me back to my hostel and the megamall is just 10 minutes from my hostel in Jalan Pantai Endah.

The pool player...

In Midvalley megamall, we did what most youngsters did.We went to play pool, and 'merendek'.Of course I'm not a good pools player.I just watched Mr T and Naim fight against each other.They're really funny.Mr T with his own style, and Naim with his own style.While waiting for them to finish their game, YB and I went to the surau to perform our solat.When we were heading back to YB's car, suddenly he informed us that the car key was no more with him.Maybe he dropped it somewhere.The last spot was pools center.No car key there.YB, who was already a half-dead man ran to the surau.Maybe he accidently left it there.Mr T and Dumbell was assigned to guard YB's CRV to avoid someone who found the key drive it away.Hahaha.Luckily, the key was at the surau, beside a 'tasbih' next to sejadah used by imam.Thank God! We perform our Isyak prayer soon after we found the key.YB said, "Tu tanda syukur, Tuhan nk suruh kita solat dulu".Wakaka.Maybe he was right.

The old-skool style of by Mr T.Sexy looking girl can be seen behind him.

Next, we went to have our dinner at Kerinchi cleanest stall, which is known as Ali Cafe.Delicious food but way too expensive, but we have no choice.That was the best we can get in Kerinchi.

"Sup ekor monyet satu kak"

Me with Dumbell and YB

Then, YB drove me to my hostel.Thanks my friends.Hope to see you soon before you depart for Australia in February 2009.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Unexpected trip to DCA

I myself thought this one was a joke.I followed one of my classmates to Shah Alam.The original plan was to follow his brother to Shah Alam and drive his car back to our hostel in Bangsar.Suddenly, there was a sudden change in our plan.His big brother wanted to meet his friend in Nilai, which is about 45 minutes driving from Bangsar.What can I do? I just can follow them, or else I need to go back by bus which was quite impossible for me.No more bus after 11 pm in Nilai.
At 8 pm, we're heading to KLIA. I thought we there just to fetch somebody from the airport but I was wrong.We're there to visit the KLIA control tower, managed by Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia or better known as DCA.Damn! I forgot to bring my digital camera.Thanks to Faiz and his brother for their camera.Not to forget, their friend whom I called Chun who work as a technician at the DCA.He helped us to get the security pass in order for us to get into the tallest control tower in the world.Thanks a lot.Here are some pictures taken at the DCA.I know the quality is not as good as my digital camera but its better then nothing.

Me together with Faiz and his brother

View from the top

This screen provides informations about the aircraft within the airport area

This visit means a lot to me, but I left my friend, Anam alone at my hostel.Warghh...Sorry Anam!