Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tag (jawab sekadar perlu)

Sukacita dimaklumkan Zati al-Tompare secara tidak rasminya men'tag' diri ini untuk menjawab soalan-soalan berikut. (I have to write this in Malay since the questions are asked in Malay)

1- Siapakah diri anda di rumah?
Saya seorang abang yang patut menjadi contoh yang baik kepada adik-adik namun sehingga sekarang, kesannya masih belum kelihatan.

2- Siapakah diri anda di samping rakan?
Mungkin seorang manusia yang biasa, bukan Superman yang memang diperlukan ketika rakan-rakan dalam kesusahan, dan kadangkala dilupakan ketika rakan-rakan dalam kegembiraan.

3- 5 benda yg anda idamkan tp masih belum tercapai
Jadi pilot, jadi engineer, memiliki sebuah rumah idaman, memiliki sebuah jet peribadi dan menjadi orang yang menyumbang kepada orang lain yang memerlukan.

4- Siapakah nama pasangan anda?
Soalan tidak relevan.

5- Ceritakan 5 perkara yg paling anda suka tentang pasangan anda.
Juga tidak relevan memandangkan soalan 4 tidak dijawab.

6- Bila tarikh anda couple
Masih belum berminat untuk couple kerana saya sedar diri ini masih lagi seorang yang lemah, mudah terjerumus ke lembah kehinaan bila-bila masa sahaja.

7- Apakah kenangan pahit anda bersama pasangan anda?
Tidak relevan.

8- Lagu tema cinta anda
Masih belum tahu lagu apa.

9- Apa perubahan yg ingin anda lihat dari pasangan anda?
Mungkin perubahan ke arah kebaikan yang mampu merubah diri ini juga.

10- Tag 10 rakan yg lain
Tidak berminat kerana ini akan menambahkan kerja lebih masa kepada rakan-rakan yang lain. Hahaha.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Whirlow Hall Farm

It was a photography time again. This time, I joined the Sheffield PhotoSoc outing to Whirlow Hall Farm, just outside the hustle and bustle city of Sheffield. We gathered at the entrance of Endcliffe Park, just next to the historical Hunters Bar. I had to walk for 30 minutes to get there. Thank God that the weather was so nice, sunny and not really cold.
At the Endcliffe Park entrance, there was no one from PhotoSoc. It was 11 am, so I text Beckie, the social secretary to confirm the trip. While waiting for her to reply my message, I walked around the park. There is a playground, full of children. Next to it is a massive field where a group of students was playing a game using tools like fishing net. "This is UK", I said to myself.
About 10 minutes later, I received a text message from Beckie. She was waiting at the park entrance. I went there and met some other PhotoSoc members.
Since it was already 12, we immediately took a bus from the Ecclesall Road bus stop to the Whirlow Hall Farm. The is no bus service exactly to the farm, so we had to stop beside the main road and walk about 15 minutes to the countryside.
The place is very nice, just like what we see in television, but not exactly the same as the place where Teletubbies live.

Sheep in the farm.


Some of them were very excited when they see sheep and other dairy animals. I remained normal since there are plenty of these animals in my village. It wasn't rare for me except for one. Mr and Mrs Piggie together with their children, the piglets. It was a new experience for me to see how they're breed in the farm. Of course I did not touch them. Their smell was really awful and they're very sensitive towards diseases, explaining why our group had to step on some disinfectant before we went into their barn.

"What are you doing here?", he asked me.

The lazy blacks.

I also noticed that some of them are black. No wonder my friends always say, "Hitam macam babi" (As black as pig).

Some of the PhotoSoc members in the pig barn.

There were also chickens and horses in this farm. Adam the president likes horses very much, and sometimes he did speak to the horses. Way to go Adam.

Miki photographing a horse.

Tired of being in a farm.

When it comes to photography, everything is art.

I was very unfortunate on that day and the creature to be blamed can be seen in the picture below.

The Criminal

I need to samak my shoes and trouser. Hopefully this is the first and last time for me.

Finally, thanks to PhotoSoc for this great experience.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Blind Side

First of all, thanks to Shahril for suggesting this movie. I really love to watch this kind of movie because sometime it inspire me to be a better person. Here is the summary:

"The Blind Side" depicts the story of Michael Oher, a homeless African-American youngster from a broken home, taken in by the Touhys, a well-to-do white family who help him fulfill his potential. At the same time, Oher's presence in the Touhys' lives leads them to some insightful self-discoveries of their own. Living in his new environment, the teen faces a completely different set of challenges to overcome. As a football player and student, Oher works hard and, with the help of his coaches and adopted family, becomes an All-American offensive left tackle.

Source: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0878804/plotsummary

"Erti Hidup Pada Yang Memberi".
Thinking of myself, I have nothing to be given to the others. Maybe someday, I'll own something that can be shared with the needy.

What I learn from this movie:
  • Racism is not good, especially in a multiracial country like Malaysia.
  • Help those who are in need because you may end up helping yourself.
  • Don't forget the blind side.

Warning: Do not pretend to be blind!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Saturday Thoriq and I took part in a volunteering activity, namely Community Garden. It took place in Endcliffe village, Sheffield. We worked for about 2 hours only, since there was not much can be done at the garden. I found that Broomhill, the place where we went for gardening is much better than our Broomhall, the place where I'm staying right now. 'Tranquility', a best word to describe Broomhill. In the evening, I joined my housemates, except for Thoriq(representative of 10 Holberry Close to Maulidurrasul celebration) watched 'Alice in Wonderland' in Cineworld, Valley Centertainment. An interesting movie, but its kind of freaked me out. A rabbit with a watch, a big headed ugly queen, a flying monsters, a rat with a needle as the weapon and so on. Its really a wonderland, but I prefer to stay in this world. That night, Subway had been chosen as a place for us to have our dinner.

Sunday I woke up late. At 10.30 am I think. I slept after Subuh which is not good for our health and mind. Since it was sunny outside, I decided to join Photosoc outing to Park Hill and also Victoria Quays, but I made up my mind to stay in the city center and take pictures there. Pisang then called me, informing me that he wanted to join Photosoc activity. Once again I changed my mind. I waited for Pisang at the train station. We went to the Park Hill and finally Victoria Quays where we met everyone from Photosoc.

Park Hill, Sheffield

Victoria Quays, Sheffield

I had no idea on what kind of picture should I take, maybe because I'm a beginner in this field, or I'm not creative. Never mind. The outing was supposed to end at a pub, but we decided to go back earlier to perform Maghrib prayer.

PhotoSoc members in Wicker

Pisang asked me, "Why do they go to cafe and drink, and then go to the pub, again to drink? " Wanna pee...tut.....