Monday, September 13, 2010

Geneva, Switzerland

Hohoh! This time, we arrived in Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva is not really a big city, but I love the way it is, except for the expensive collectibles including Swiss watches and Swiss knifes. A man who was siting on a flight next to my father said, items in Geneva are 3 times more expensive compared to Paris. Nonsense! In Geneva, we stayed in Geneva Youth hostel. Although it is a youth hostel, it was very comforable. Complete with a kitchen, tv room, games room and co-ed toilets. Hahaha. We had our first lunch in Geneva at Ali Haydar Kebab restaurant. Not that expensive I thought.

Ali Haydar Kebab

Trams in Geneva

We went to a park near Lake Geneva and shot some pictures there. In my opinion, Geneva is a calm city compared to London. Everything seemed classy here.

Papa and Mama in Geneva, Switzerland.

Me in Geneva.

Again, we met few Malaysians here. The boy was from France, studying petroleum engineering.
On our way to Genevans mountain to ride cable car, rain pours heavily. This was the heaviest I'd ever experienced in Europe. We had to canceled our ride to the top due to strong wind.
We then took a bus to the UN building, just to see what they had there, because there are only two UN building in this world. The first one is in New York and the second one is here, in Geneva.

In front of UN office in Geneva.

Mama's activities was the same all the time; shopping, shopping and shopping....