Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Mama and Papa stayed in Sheffield for just two days, in my 'spacious' room. We booked train tickets from Sheffield to London as travelling by train is fast and convenient. I took the easiest way to reach the train station; by taxi.

Mama and Papa in front of Sheffield train station.

This was my first arrival in London via King's Cross station. Before this, I only boarded East Midlands train and the arrival was in St. Pancras international train station. I realised that King's Cross and St. Pancras are two different station, eventhough they are situated just next to each other.
We chose to take London Underground to Che Su's house in Bayswater. On the way to Bayswater, Papa guided us to the previous Malaysian Hall, situated near Marble Arch and we took a picture there.

The old time Malaysian Hall.

Mama went to Argos, a very popular store in her mind I thought, to buy some food containers to be used in our new kitchen. Upon reaching Che Su's house, Papa again showed his natural behaviour by posing himself in front of Queensway station sign.

One finger point to to the Queensway sign and another one point to the 'queen'.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

England's Countryside

It was very hard for me to upload even a single photo to blogspot due to bad internet connection.
This time, it's going to be about my parents visit to my place in Sheffield. Just 2 days in Sheffield yet I gained great experience with them because before this, I didn't know that Sheffield were surrounded by many beautiful places such as Chatsworth house.
Papa and mama arrived in Sheffield a day before I finish my last examination paper, which make it hard for me to entertain them properly. Hopefully there will be some barakah there. As soon as I finished my paper, we went straight to Chesterfield, papa's old town. Nowadays, his previous house was converted to be a hotel. Abbeydale Hotel in Chesterfield, England.

Papa preferred to go to the countryside part of England rather than spending his time in big cities like Manchester and Birmingham.
We then went to the Chatsworth house, home of Duke and Duchess of Devonshire surrounded by gardens and farms. Tourists all around the world could be seen during our visit. What did we do there? Just a simple picnic and photo shoot session.

Seating on the grass like 'omputeh'.

Chatsworth house

We finished our tour around peak district at around 7 pm. We then headed to Manchester for our planned dinner in Jazeera restaurant; half-chicken and rice.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


The examination period for mechanical engineering was over. Sheffield was a little bit late compared to the other universities in United Kingdom. Most of Malaysian students have gone back to Malaysia now. I'm still counting for my time.
Hopefully, for this semester there will be no more exam for me and my friends. Let's have a fresh start of 3rd year.

Katil yang menjadi mangsa dikala musim peperiksaan.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Free Free Palestine

Honestly speaking, back in Malaysia, I wasn't really aware with this issue. When Israel attacked Palestine two years ago, me and my friends just avoided ourselves from buying any fast food from McDonalds restaurants. After few months, McDonalds...here I come again.
In UK, this issue is taken seriously not only among Muslims but also locals who really understand what humanity is all about.
Once again, Israel had shown their power by attacking the humanitarian convoy to Gaza in international waters. This is obviously an international war crime.
Demonstration were held all around the world to protest this insane action by Israeli armed forces. Pictures below shows the demonstration held in Sheffield, United Kingdom.


Kak Azian and Anak Buah Beri

Mr Paul Blomfield, Sheffield Central MP.

My fellow friends who really love their picture being taken.