Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bye Bye Sheffield

It has been 3 years since I first arrived in Sheffield to pursue my master degree in Mechanical Engineering, the 2nd career choice for me after airline pilot. This place has prepared me for everything that I may face in the future, especially in the Hereafter.
There will be no more student's life after this. I am going to start a new chapter of my life; being a working man.
I would like to thank those who were helping me during my time here; my family, friends, lecturers and the local people.
MH0001 will be leaving Heathrow for Kuala Lumpur this Monday at 10:00 pm, that will be my getaway from United Kingdom, insyaAllah.
When will I return? Only Allah knows.

Graduation July 2012


saye kerink said...

dah habis dah kerja sementara dekat sana? uwwww mesti sedih nak tinggalkan tempat tu.. Nanti, mana la tahu, sambung phD dekat sana lagi ke. hehe.. or other place, for a new adventure. hehe. Or mungkin one day you will be working over there ke.. eheh. Yeahh only Allah knows..

Anyway, semoga selamat tiba di KLIA nanti! Aminn Ya Rabbal Al-amin.. Malaysia is waiting for an engineer like you! ehe ;]

Uncle said...

Ha'ah. Dah abis dh. MSc insyaAllah, tapi rasanya bukan UK dh la. PhD rasanya x larat dh.